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Delicious yogurt, made in Austin


Okay, Austinites, help me out here: I’m looking for a nice, local brand of yogurt I can adopt. I’ve seen plenty of the fancypants upscale varieties at Whole Foods, hailing from places like Iceland, and have enjoyed sampling the Greek styles from Chobani (made in upstate NY) to Fage (also from upstate NY; why are so many yogurts made up there, anyhow?) to my favorite from Canada, Liberté (their Méditerranée Lemon is one of my favorites of the non-plain variety). But now, I want to buy local.

Are there any Austin-based yogurt makers out there? And do any of them really rock your world?

I’m not talking froyo, people (although it IS hot enough for the stuff). I’m looking for something with a rich, thick consistency, preferably Greek in style, with no artificial sweeteners (i.e. plain yogurt).

The only brand I’ve found in my Google searches thus far is White Mountain Bulgarian yogurt, and it looks like they’re being distributed by H-E-B, so I will have to look for them next time I hit up the “hipster” grocery store in my area. (As opposed to the “ghetto H-E-B” where I usually shop, which sells nothing but sugar-laden, gelatinous crap “yogurts” from brands like Yoplait and the weird H-E-B store brand—bleh!) They’re offering coupons through their website, and a 5-day challenge to get people to switch and see if they feel better using their probiotic blend, so I’m going to try taking them up on that offer!

Has anyone tried White Mountain’s yogurt? What did you think?