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Supporting your community: I Live Here, I Give Here


It’s November, which means the holidays are coming up fast. You’ve undoubtedly already seen the Christmas decorations in the stores, and soon the bell-ringers will be outside shops trying to convince big-spenders to drop a few coins in their pots.

All well and good, but have you ever wondered where those donations—or the ones they’ve always got at your local grocery store, asking for $1 to feed the hungry/support breast cancer research/whatever the charity of the month might be—really end up?

If you live in Austin, wonder no more! The I Live Here, I Give Here campaign helps match Austin residents with charitable organizations that are registered and worthy of their time by using a widget to narrow down your favorite causes and offer suggestions from a wide variety of community-based organizations.

For example, if you love animals and want to help keep the pet population under control, I Live Here, I Give Here can match you up with Austin groups like Austin Pets Alive! (an animal shelter dedicated to making Austin a No Kill city) and EmanciPET (a free and low-cost spay & neuter team), some of Shoestring Austin’s favorite local charities. You can decide from there how to best support your chosen cause, whether with monetary donations, volunteering your time on their behalf, or giving much-needed supplies on the group’s wish list.

In addition to their free matching service, I Live Here, I Give Here also runs the See Jane Give and Give Back Jack programs, which allow women and men to mingle with fellow philanthropists twice a year at dinner events that highlight a local resident’s charitable contributions and involvement. For those looking to step up their personal giving campaigns, this provides plenty of incentive, sharing the stories of fellow Austinites who help keep our city’s charities running with their time and their money.

With monthly spotlights on different community needs (November’s focus is on Seniors’ Services), I Live Here, I Give Here seeks to bring attention to underserved groups with great missions, and helps steer donations to different sectors throughout the calendar year.

Want to get involved? Check out I Live Here, I Give Here‘s giving tools to help figure out what percentage of your annual salary you’d like to donate, and then break it down to a monthly total. Don’t forget to download their free Giving Plan PDF to help organize your donations and focus your giving goals. And remember: you may be living on a shoestring budget, but you can always spare a few bucks for those living on even less.

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